ValueExpectations.com, by the founders of The Applied Finance Group is an investment blog that provides institutional quality equity research using AFG’s proprietary Economic Margin framework.  Value Expectations also publishes a free newsletter with exclusive content for professional investment managers

The term Value Expectations is derived from our ability to calculate market expectations embedded in stock prices, sectors and indexes.

Investment companies face tough decisions when conducting equity research and are at a significant disadvantage relative to larger, more established firms with larger budgets and dedicated teams of analysts.  The advent of passive investment strategies has also put pressure on investment managers to justify their active investment process.

The Applied Finance group designed Value Expectations to support investment managers that actively select individual stocks for their clients.  We are creating a community of sophisticated and thoughtful investment managers to share ideas, help you save time and make better equity investment decisions.

Our monthly newsletter provides actionable investment insights, time saving best practices and a broad range of timely topics such as:

  • A list of stocks that are positioned to outperform
  • Potential torpedoes that might be in your stock portfolio
  • Interviews with investment managers and how they have built a best-in-class practice
  • Macro Insights, such as implied market or sector expectations
  • Factor performance analysis to understand what’s been driving the market
  • Unique cutting edge research insights by the Applied Finance Group